Sep 162021

The book is about the sinking of the supertanker, the Amoco Cadiz, that sank off the coast of Brittany in France in March 1978, spilling 227000 tonnes of oil into the ocean. The story is narrated from the point of view of a little child, Yann, who belongs to a fisherman’s family.

Sep 052021

It’s a stunning book that talks about a momentous event in history; the first step on the Moon. You must be wondering what’s so unique. The story is told from the eye of a young girl. June is waiting for her baby brother’s little steps to land whereas everyone else in the world is waiting for the astronauts to walk on the Moon.

Aug 302021

What everyone will love about this story is the simplicity with which the story has been written, from a child’s point of view. What the child felt about his father’s arrest, about the British government and most importantly about Gandhiji – the fact that he was the person who could oppose the British authorities – all are wonderfully described by the author.