Dec 032021
Kolkata -The City of Joy and Dreams! [Review]- Last Night I Saw A Dream
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Title: Last Night I Saw A Dream

Author: Rabindranath Tagore

Translated by: Sudeshna Shome Ghosh

Illustrator: Adrija Ghosh

Publisher: Talking Cub, Speaking Tiger Books.

Type: Paperback

Age group: 6 – 8 years

Have you ever wondered how will it be to see your city is not the same anymore?!! What if you find your very own city and its places moving around…yesss?!

This lovely book takes you to the land of dreams where this little girl suddenly finds her Kolkata, her city of joy walking, swinging and dancing! 

This book beautifully captures the imagination of a child. The houses are described as rhinos leaping around, the roads as slithering snakes, the famous Howrah bridge as a giant scorpion and the monument a mad elephant! Even her school and all her books were running around.

And if you think this is too much chaos and mess., well it is really not a problem for the little ones. This little girl is perfectly happy and unperturbed around all this. She is looking forward to the new things that she can explore. She is excited to see where this moving dancing Kolkata will take her and she is ready to adapt!

The illustrations are beautiful and indeed took me back to my city of joy.

I have learnt two things from this book – one the beautiful world of imagination a child can weave and take you to. And two – never let any situation scare you! Let that child be alive in your heart. Never lose hope in any difficult situation and you will always come out fine at the end.

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