Feb 102019
The Mystery of the Secret Hair Oil Formula
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Book: The Mystery of the Secret Hair Oil Formula

Author: Asha Nehemiah

Type: Paperback

Ages: 7-10 years

Synopsis of the book

What we like about this book: The concept is so cool! A secret hair oil formula that does fantastic things when applied! The entire storyline of the book is funny and the humour runs throughout the different chapters. The names of the characters are long are funny as well!

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Reader Comments

  1. There are books we read just once and probably even forget sometimes (mostly course books), there are books we like to read again and again as somewhere they have touched our heart or have entertained us and then there are books which we remember for something which is particularly characteristic of them!!..

    I had recently read a book named, “The mystery of the secret hair oil” by Asha Nehemiah with my daughter. I had bought it from Kids Book Cafe after reading a short review. Even when the plot itself was so captivating, we laughed and laughed at some names which one of the characters (don’t want to give away the suspense) uses to call another one!!..some of them are, ‘ bilious bombazine’ , ‘recycled fish food’, ‘ shoe with no sole’, ‘ fossilized old vulture’, ‘ hippopotamus with halitosis’ etc etc..it was real fun and unforgettable moments we had together.

    Please do read this book with your kids to enjoy a hearty laughter together!!


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