Jul 082023

Review: The Boy Who Wanted to Fly: J.R.D Tata

The book begins by providing a brief account of JRD Tata’s early life and his journey to establish himself in the world. Jeh, as he was known during his childhood, had parents from different backgrounds – his mother was French and his father was Indian.

Jun 102023

Review: The Adventures of Sirdar – The Chief of the Herd

This book beautifully weaves the life of a herd, challenges, and difficulties faced by a leader and how he/she overcomes that, and how a leader always has to be calm, unafraid, and humble – all with simple and captivating snippets.

Mar 042023

This book is a beautiful collection of 30 mythological stories, involving animal characters from our Indian mythology. The book is divided into two parts. The first one is Deities and Demons and the other one is Friends and Foes.

Sep 242022

Review: Gulgul In Up-Up-Purra

While they are going to the pet store planet, Jit, Jinny’s brother and Gulgul’s father, accidentally makes the cab to go to a different planet, Up-Up-Pura instead of Puppura

Jun 112022

Review: The Ghost

The book is in the form of a sweet and funny poem about ghosts. It tells you about all kinds of ghosts one can meet. They are transparent, they are bad hosts & worst guests. They don’t bring bad omens…

Apr 062022

Review: Mountains And Rivers Of India

It’s not only about the mountains and rivers of India, it’s also about how diverse India is in its landforms, how those landforms have been formed, and a lot of interesting stories around them.