Oct 252019
The #GoodOverEvil Contest: Win Mimi & Soni discover Dussehra Legends!
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We are back with an exciting Contest!

Now that you all have recovered from your Dussehra holidays, let’s celebrate it all over again!

Presenting the #GoodOverEvil Contest!

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In this manipulative day and age, how many times have you said, “what goes around, comes around…”? Well, here’s a chance to share a real experience from your life!

So here’s what you need to do:

Topic: Share a real life story about how you or your child experienced Good Over Evil (it could be a real incident of the past or recent – a school story or life lesson)

Length: Max 500 words
Please post your story here on kidsbookcafe.com, ideally with one image. Add an interesting title unique to your story so it gets noticed immediately! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #GoodOverEvil in the title itself.

Only entries that are posted on kidsbookcafe.com will be considered.

For both childoos and adults! This contest is open to both children and adults! You just need to be a registered member of kidsbookcafe.com. If you are a child below 13 years, your parent should register on kidsbookcafe.com and post your inspiring story for you.

Contest Duration: Oct 25 to Nov 15, 2019 (EOD)

What’s the Prize?!

The story that leaves us awestruck (not by lightning but by awesomeness) will win an e-book of Mimi & Soni discover Dussehra Legends!

Please note: Teams Miheika Publications and Kids Book Café retain the right to choose the winner of the contest and their decision is final.

In case you have any queries at all – please write to asha@kidsbookcafe.com.

Let’s raise readers together and ensure good over evil prevails!

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