Feb 142019
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Image Source: Bookworm Goa

*Award Winner!

Book: Swimmy

Author: Leo Lionni

Type: Paperback

Ages: 2-6 years

What Kausar, our #kbcMember likes about this book:

Leo Lionni has lately been on our favorite list. This is the first Lionni book we got and since then we have got quite a few. A simple and endearing story about a little fish Swimmy. Swimmy lives with his red little sibling fishes. One fateful day a runa fish eats all of the tiny red fish and only swimmy escapes. He is sad but then he runs into another family of similar red fish. He wants to be with them and see the wonders the ocean has to offer. But the red fish are scared of being eaten and want to stay hidden. Will Swimmy be able to convince them to overcome their fears? An awesome as well as informative book. Simple enough but a powerful lesson that unity is strength. Also we love how Swimmy overcomes his fears and sorrows. Life holds a lot of wonders and joys along with sorrows and fears. It’s our choice to make. And a great book to ease littles into marine habitat with vocabulary building. Words like anemones, jelly fish, etc. Along with great accompanying illustrations. Also now we know why fish swim in formations called schools or shoals.

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