Jul 252021

Pickle Yolk Books have award winning and incredibly beautiful picture books for 3-7yrs. Each one of them is unique – from the topic/issue the author chooses to address, to the unparalleled illustrations, to the directness and candidness, to the subtle nuances. We strongly feel that every parent who is raising a sensitive and kind child must ensure at least a few (if not all!) of these enchanting books are included in the home library.

Feb 162019

Millions Of Cats

*Award Winner! Book: Millions Of Cats Author: Wanda Gag Type: Paperback Ages: 2-5 years What readers like about this book: It’s a must have book for cat and pet lovers. It actually makes you want…Continue Reading

Feb 142019


*Award Winner! Book: Marshmallow Author: Clare Turlay Newberry Type: Paperback Ages: 2-6 years What we like about this book:    This book teaches little kids how to become friends – a concept that sometimes takes a…Continue Reading

Feb 142019


*Award Winner! Book: Swimmy Author: Leo Lionni Type: Paperback Ages: 2-6 years What Kausar, our #kbcMember likes about this book: Leo Lionni has lately been on our favorite list. This is the first Lionni book…Continue Reading