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Because Book Lovers Need BOOKSHELVES!!
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Very often, actually most often right after the Scholastic Sale and right before the Amazon Sale, we get requests for recommendations on awesome bookshelves as well as storage ideas.

So guess what we did? We curated a post to help everyone grab a little something to store their precious books!

Achira’s bus book stand is a superhit in the community!
  1. Here is the Bus Book Stand that Achira and her family adore and recommend and that now many members have! It comes in Red and Blue Colours!

2. Achira also has this one – Embell Products Small Book Shelves Rack for Table (Blue Color, Boom Bam Design). They come in different designs as well.

pc: Achira – Embell Small Book Shelf

3. Indha Umbrella Print Multiutility Table Top Single Compartment Books/Magazine Holder (MDF board covered with cloth) – Shipra has this umbrella one!!! There are other designs too!

pc Shipra
pc: Shipra

4. a) HeavenlyKraft Superhero Book Reading Metal Bookend (batman)

4. b) HeavenlyKraft Office Bookends Library Bookend, India Gate Design

Shipra has HeavenlyKraft metal book ends and highly recommends them. She says they are “Sturdy & good quality! Great to hold thick hardcover books together.”

5. Book Racks For Kids – you’ll find the many options here

6. Book Shelves For Kids – some more

pc: Gauri Aras

7. Amazon Brand – Solimo Fabric Foldable Storage Organiser. Gauri Aras has the Black one for her 4yo (now he’s 5) and recommends it. To quote her, “it can store quite a lot of books. It is very good and sturdy”
Asha ordered this as well and is so happy to see many of her book piles around the house all into this ONE ORGANISER!! It is also available in a set of 2 and a set of 4 at a steal!

8. There are other foldable cubes for storage available as well.

8. b) InterDesign ID jr Set of 2 Soft Fabric Closet Storage Organizer Holder Bin Cube Box with Handle for Clothing, Shoes, Handbags, Jeans, Toys – Blue/Gray

9. Storage boxes with lids are multi -purpose!

10. Kuber Industries Plastic 3 Pieces Small Size Multipurpose Solitaire Storage Basket with Lid – is a bestseller for books and toys!

pc: Nimisha Daharwal

11. SS Arts Engineered 3 Tier Storage Rack – we all marvelled this in Nimisha Daharwal’s post.

New book shelf added today for little bookworm’s library… book rotation is really not our style because we like to pick and read as many books as we can 😂 …never realised raising little readers would be so fulfilling !!

12. BabyCenterIndia Pastel Book Rack – Nimisha has this as well after which many of our members ordered it! To quote her:

Totally love this shelf … we got it in Aug’19… have used and loved it everyday ..toddlers can see all the books and can pick out/put back books themselves ..plus it is still good as new!

pc: Priya Pathak Banerjee

Priya Pathak Banerjee shared Aaheli’s Corner (isn’t it awesome?!) with us that includes the same BabyCenterIndia Pastel Book Rack as well as Kurtzy Magnetic Black and White Board with Marker, Duster & Chalk | Double Sided Wooden Easel for Kids Drawing & Writing

13. a) Sakshi recently got CLASS Kid’s Book Organizer with Pastel Fabric (Multicolour) which is similar to the one above. The book shelf is actually sturdy with excellent back support in the form of a wooden bar. She did a comparison with the CALLAS one she already had from a previous kbc purchase. Quoting her:

Pros:-It is strong and firm -The metal pipes are sturdy -The screws provide are big and strong-Very easy and quick to assemble (even with a toddler around) -Wooden plank at the rear side provides additional support and makes it strong-Pastel colours look so pleasing
Cons: The material of the cloth provided does not look that strong Somewhat transparent (as you can appreciate in the pics) The previous one (Callas) we have has satin

pc: sakshi
pc sakshi

13. b) The pastel shade one Sakshi has also comes in dark colours! CLASS Kid’s Book Organizer with Deep Colored Fabric.

14. Book Shelves For Kids’ Rooms – some more options here!

pc: Mahima

15. DeckUp Siena 3-Shelf Engineered Wood Book Shelf – Mahima bought this one and then Asha did after seeing the picture. In fact while assembling it, Asha called Mahima to check if they were doing it correctly!

We bought at a very reasonable price and it just fits in our home perfect


pc: Asha

A few weeks later this was Asha’s bookshelf which has changed tremendously since now she has 1 dedicated section for picture books, 2 dedicated sections for Scholastic books! Aarini’s books are in her cabinet in her bedroom! This book shelf is real value for money and looks extremely elegant!

16. Callas Kids Book Rack Storage Book Shelf – this is a bestseller and many of our kbc members have this. Best option for picture books. It’s sturdy and can hold many picture books. Great accessibility for childoos and it displays picture books well so they are always in front of you and on top of your childoo’s mind :). You might end up reading many more books a day owing to this display!

ps: Achira



16 (c) Amazon has a similar shelf now! Amazon Brand – Solimo Children Kids Bookcase Book Shelf Storage Display Rack Organizer Holder with Fabric Drawers |White

17. Wooden World Ladder Shelf, 5-Tier Foldable Wood Bookshelf – Shaoni just got this one and they assembled it at home today! Voila!!

pc: Shaoni – her version looks much better than the one shown on amazon!!

Some more options we had pulled out on various threads:

18. DeckUp Book Shelves

19. Solimo Book Shelves

20. More DeckUp Shelves

21. DeckUp Awana Book Shelf

22. Kurtzy MDF Wood DIY Book Storage

23. Closed Book Shelves

24. SKAFA Space-Saving Portable Rabbit Appearance Engineered Wood Book Storage Shelf Holder

25. Disney Minnie: Sling Book Case

26. a) Lukzer 3 Layer Engineered Wood Multipurpose Rack Bookshelf Storage Organizer Stand (MR-010/Oak Brown/90x33x24cm)
b) Lukzer 6 Layer Engineered Wood Bookshelf Multipurpose Home Decor Storage Rack Showcase Organizer for Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom(MR-005/Oak Brown /180 x 33 x 24cm)

27. DecorDen Zigzag Floating Wall Mount Wooden Display Storage Organizer Shelf for Wall Decoration (Brown)

28. DeckUp Muvo 3-Shelf Engineered Wood Book Shelf and Display Unit (Dark Wenge, Matte Finish)

29. Intra Kids Plastic Bookshelf Magazine Holder for School/Office/Reception Living Room Furniture : Bookcases, Multicolour, Medium (9053)

30. Homesmiths Engineered Wood Toy Organizer with Book Rack
30. b) Homesmiths Takeout Book Rack Wood Melamine (White)
30. c) Homesmiths Book Rack Beige Melamine

31. HomeStorie Eco-Friendly Rectangular Bamboo Storage Box with Lid, Brown, Large + Medium + Small , Set of 3

32. Joyful Studio 5 XL Plastic Modular Drawer System 

33, Wall Mount 2 Sided Sliding Magical Metal Bookshelf, 2 Super Hero’s Metal Shadow Holding Books in Air from Falling

34. INDIAN DECOR. Wall mounted, Invisible Book Shelf with Tower

35. Callas Engineered Wood Bookcase with Set of 3 Shelves | BR-03-Black

36. EKRON 6 Layer Engineered Wood Bookshelf Maithili has this one.

37. B FSOBEIIALEO Storage Ottoman Cube, Linen Small Coffee Table, Foot Rest Stool Seat, Folding Toys Chest Collapsible for Kids – Asha has many of these – at her home (where it’s used as a stool to sit on and a book storage box. At her parents’ home it’s used as a foot rest in different rooms! We haven’t figured out what to store in them though!

38. Snazzy Plastic Multipurpose Foldable Open Bookshelf

39. ABOUT SPACE Book Shelf 6ft- 6Tier Cube Book Stand for Home Library, Engineered Wood Storage Display Rack Multipurpose Vertical Shelf for Office, Bedroom, Living Room(L33xB24 xH180 cm-White)with assembly

40. Amazon Brand – Solimo Molfort Engineered Wood Bookshelf with 4 Shelves,

41. Bluewud Bookshelves

42. Purple Furnitureᵀᴹ Engineered Wood Elite Home Office Computer Table, Study Desk for Students, Kids and Adults 

READING LIGHTS, TABLE LAMPS, and all things illuminating to help reading!

Wipro Garnet ABS 6w Led Table Lamp – 3 Grade Dimming and Color Changing – Shipra highly recommends this for “nighttime reading. It’s not a book light but serves the purpose well. It has three grade dimming as well.”

Amazon Basics Classic Rechargeable LED Table Lamp, 9W, Dimming, 3 Colors (Cool Day Light, Neutral White And Warm White)

Glocusent USB Rechargeable Book Light for Reading in Bed

SWAPKART Portable Flexible Adjustable Eye Protection USB LED Desk Light Table Lamp

A big shout-out to all of our members for sharing their storage options. We’ll be adding more here based on recommendations from the group.

[Note from Team Kids Book Café: For your convenience, affiliate links (MARKED IN PINK) to some of the book titles & images have been added to enable you to buy the books from AMAZON, should you wish to! A very small amount of money comes to kidsbookcafe.com when you purchase a book via the amazon affiliate link provided (at absolutely no extra cost to you!). Do let us know if you need information about other children’s books by writing to asha@kidsbookcafe.com.]

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