Jun 062021
Review: Goodnight Harry
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Title – Goodnight Harry

Author – Kim Lewis

Type – Paperback

Age Group – 1-5 years

A beautiful bedtime story about friendship and more

I picked up this book from a sale a long time ago and it was forgotten about. Recently, while arranging the book shelf, I saw this and my daughter Ishani instantly took a liking to this book. The cover is beautiful and appealing to a child.

This is the first Kim Lewis book that we have read and the style of writing did make me search for more books by this author. The story is about an elephant named Harry who is getting ready for bed with his 2 friends, and while his friends instantly fall asleep, he is unable to sleep. So, he finishes other things like cleaning up, reading his bedtime story, etc, but still can not sleep. It is then that his friends come to his rescue.

A beautiful story which not only has a bed time routine, but also depicts friendship, how Harry’s friends help him sleep.

For the last 1 week, we are sleeping with an elephant, a teddy, one more soft toy (since we don’t have a sheep) and a monkey (Ishani) and role playing this story before we go to sleep!

The illustrations are simple and fun and the language is easy to understand. A beautiful book, especially for animal loving kids.

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