Aug 172021

Review: What’s The Time, Mr. Wolf?

A beautiful book on helping children understand the concept of time and learning to tell the time, while also weaving in their favourite rhymes and stories.

Jun 202021

I wanted my daughter to have my full attention and hence hired a cab since driving would have meant her being strapped to her child seat in the backseat and be alone. Things started smooth and she was excited during the car ride. She was recognising cars, cabs, buses, bikes, et al. However, the moment we reached the venue she felt insecure. The place was full and she knew no one. It was then that she uttered the dreaded words, “Mamma paas jana hai”. 

Jun 062021

Review: Goodnight Harry

A beautiful story which not only has a bed time routine, but also depicts friendship, how Harry’s friends help him sleep.

Apr 302021

Ishani and I have been reading together since she was a couple of weeks old. Our library has grown immensely since then and thanks to the lovely age-appropriate suggestions at Kids Book Café, our love for books has been growing by bounds and leaps! Here is a list of 30 books that Ishani and her Mamma have read lately as an entry for the #kbcBookBingoJr Challenge.

Apr 112021

Review: The Water Hole

The book talks about how all the animals visit the water hole and how they leave the place because the water hole dries up. When it rains, the water hole is filled up again and the animals come back. The illustrations are beautifully painted like real scenes from a jungle.