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Divya has a solution for her hair woes! [Review]
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Book TitleI Won’t Wash My Hair (Hook Book)
Aparna Kapur
Ogin Nayam
Duckbill Books (an imprint of Penguin Random House India)
40 pages
Age Group:
 5-8 years

Divya’s parents are travelling for two weeks. Her Alpa Masi and her dog, Riksha, have come to keep her company. Divya declares that she will not wash her hair as she thinks it is boring, the soap gets in her eyes and the hair anyways get dirty again. Divya was going to mention more excuses when Alpa Masi, who seems a little preoccupied with Riksha, says “Okay”.

Divya then continues her days like she would, except she does a lot more stuff and learns new things in the time that she saves by not washing her hair. The smell emanating from her hair makes her teacher keep making her sit further and further away from the class. A friend is impressed and wants to follow her example of not washing her hair but can he bear the itchy scalp?

Soon, Divya starts finding a lot of things from lost pencils to uncooked peanuts to earthworms to ant hills on her pillow. Divya just dusts these things off the pillow and goes on with her routine. Surprisingly, Alpa Masi does not notice any of these! Finally, two weeks are over and Divya’s parents are going to be back. Divya is worried that she will have to wash her hair now so she comes up with a unique solution!

I really like Hook Books for their ability to convey important messages through funny stories. Aparna Kapur has done a commendable job at that. A conversation I had with Ishani after we read the book:

Me: Did you like the book? Was it fuuny?

I: Yes, it’s so funny and yucky that there was an ant hill in her hair.

Me: Do you think it’s okay that Divya decided to not wash her hair?

I: (after thinking for a while) Yes, it’s her body so she can decide if she wants to wash her hair or not

Me: Okay but is it healthy to not wash your hair for so long that you end up with smelly hair and insects crawling in your hair?

I: I would not like that but then she can decide for herself

Me: But it’s not really hygienic, isn’t it? Do you think there would be germs crawling all over her? In such a case, what should come first? Her preference for her body or hygiene for herself and her surroundings?

I: Hmmm. Yes, it’s bad for everyone if her hair is smelling so bad that people can’t be around her. And the germs in her hair will make her sick. I think her solution in the end is perfect.

You can see here how we addressed the topic of when you can be adamant about choosing what you want with your body while ensuring that you remain hygienic and germ free! Since we all read so many books on body boundaries with our kids these days, sometimes they start telling us how they do not wish to follow a cleanliness routine as it’s their body and they can decide what they want to do with it. It becomes imperative to explain personal hygiene and cleanliness in such situations. This book helps you do just that.

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Now, I am sure everyone wants to know the intelligent yet funny solution that Divya finally came up with. To find out, you might want to buy the book from Amazon (kbc affiliate link),


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