Jun 242023
Do you have a Whyrus at home? [Review]
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Book Title: Cyrus the Whyrus (Hook Book)
Author: Lavanya Karthik
Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan
Publisher: Duckbill Books, Penguin Random House India
Type: Paperback
Recommended Age: 4-7 years

Do you have a child who drives you crazy with their questions? Do you often feel like telling them to be quiet for just a bit? Then, both you and your child will enjoy this hilarious and thought provoking book, Cyrus the Whyrus. 

Cyrus is a curious child, with questions about everything – the Why’s surround his family members and teachers. Not everyone is amused by his relentless questions, with some of his teachers sending him to the naughty corner and friends making fun of him, calling him “Cyrus the Whyrus”. Will Cyrus give in to the pressures of the Indian education system, and let his curiosity fizzle out? 

Like other Hook Books, this one too, is written in very simple, easy to understand language. My son found Cyrus’s constant questioning (and the different questions mentioned by the author) very hilarious, but relatable and now says that I am a “Whyrus”! The illustrations by Priya Kuriyan are absolutely amazing – she has given each character a distinct personality through their expressions, especially Baatcheet Miss!

I have an extremely curious 6 year old, and one of the first words he learnt to speak was “Why”! When he could string words together, he babbled “whaaaat iiiis thiiiiss?” non stop! As a 6 yr old, his questions are now at another level –

– Why do you think Mars has volcanoes and ice, yet has no water?

–  Why does your mango allergy give you headaches but your milk allergy give you a tummy ache instead? 

The one thing that has been constant has been our acceptance of his curiosity levels and perseverance to provide him with as many answers as we can, instead of telling him to keep quiet. He knows that his Why’s, How’s and When’s are welcome in the house. But we have always worried that school would kill his curiosity and questioning, which thankfully hasn’t happened so far. No wonder that he enjoyed this beautiful book so much, because it normalises curiosity and highlights the fact that asking questions and seeking answers is a lot fun, even if people around you tell you to be quiet. Like Cyrus, may we all remain “Whyrus’s” for life!

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