Mar 162023
Review: Passepartout, Is That You?
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Book Title: Passepartout, Is That You? (Hook Book)
Author: Menaka Raman
Illustrator: Jemma Jose
Publisher:  Duckbill Books, (an imprint of Penguin Random House India)
Type: Paperback
Pages: 40 pages
Recommended Age Group: 4-7 years

Do you have a song or a word that just does not leave your head? That you can’t help but repeat, again and again? For the past few months, my 6 year old, has been repeating to everyone who cares to listen “Passepartout, Is that you?”.  Imagine a child, in his toddler voice, with a sparkle in his eye, half the time saying “pattepartout” atleast 15-20 times a day – that has been my life for the past few months! I’m not complaining, though!

The book is one of the most engaging hook books we have read.

While on his summer holidays, Shyam spends time with his Thatha, who is a policeman. One day, Shyam decides to go to his Thatha’s police station, but once there, he realises that the officers have caught a shipment of exotic animals and are trying hard to get them all safely to the animal rescue centre. However, after all the animals have been sent to the centre, Shyam realises that one tortoise has been left behind! His Thatha tells him to look after it, while he goes to inform the animal centre. But, the tortoise, who Shyam names Passepartout, disappears! Will Shyam, and the station dog, Kanamma, be able to find him before his Thatha returns?

The story is simple, it is the storytelling that is brilliant! Worried that he has lost the tortoise, Shyam ventures out into the city to look for him. The author conveys Shyam’s concern on every page, through a very catchy and engaging phrase where he tries to find the tortoise amongst all things green – “Passepartout, is that you?”.

This is possibly our favourite part of the book – trying to find Passepartout on every page (the illustrator has done an excellent job, and my 6 yr old has spent hours going through the book again and again, looking at the illustrations, amazed at how well Passepartout is hidden!).

Art by 6 year old Neil

The book, illustrations and the authors ability to connect the reader with the main character and the emotions, will make you fall in love with Passepartout. My 6 yr old immediately identified the species (kudos to the illustrator, again) and wanted to draw it too. Like all hook books, this one too is extremely enjoyable, and Passepartout will make a space in your heart forever!

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