Apr 122019
Review: Famous Illustrated Tales of Vikram and Betaal
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Book: Famous Illustrated Tales of Vikram & Betaal

Author: Maple Press

Type: Paperback

Age: 6-10 years

Do you have fond childhood memories associated with watching TV? Specifically Doordarshan? Being born in the 80s wala era, I still fondly remember those days when Doordarshan was the sole daily media entertainer for kids. Waiting for the Sunday movie, Chitrahaar songs, that compulsory news telecast watching. And of course witnessing the deserted streets during a Ramayana and Mahabharata episode telecast, are still cherished memories from that time. In these days of Netflix and Amazon Prime, I many a times tell my daughter about the simplicity of Television during our times.

One serial which I specifically remember from that time is Vikram and Betaal and recently when I read a story (not sure whether fiction or not) about how king Bhoja of Ujjain had rediscovered the magical throne of King Vikramaditya, who was famous for his wisdom and justice, I wanted to read more. I also wanted my daughter to read Vikram and Betaal stories, so bought this book.

It has short stories about King Vikram capturing Betaal and walking through the woods, where Betaal narrates a story, and asks Vikram a question to which he has to give a just answer. Not revealing the whole suspense, the stories are really interesting and fun to read. Also one is bound to try and give an answer before King Vikram answers the question and see whether it matches or not!!

6-10 year old kids and even adults will like to read this. This book will not only give them a fair idea about how intelligent and just was King Vikramaditya, but also will teach them some moral values like truthfulness, kindness, selflessness etc. It is all in all a fun read apt for summer holidays.

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