May 242024
A Tale of Innocence and Love – A Thousand Full Moons [Review]

Book TitleA Thousand Full Moons
Shobha Vishwanath
Keerthana Ramesh
Karadi Tales
32 pages
Age Group:
 3.5 years-8 years

A Thousand Full Moons is a simple tale of innocent love of a grandchild, the determination to do something special for her great grandmother and the entire family’s support. Nila, the granddaughter, and her family are very excited as Nila’s great grandmother, Muthassi, is going to witness her thousandth full moon in three days. All preparations have been made for a grand celebration but just a day before, Muthassi has a fall and is admitted to the hospital. Her hospital room has a small window but Muthassi can not walk up to the window to witness the moon. Nila is dejected that Muthassi will not be able to view her thousandth full moon. On the full moon night, while on her way to meet Muthassi in the hospital Nila notices the reflection of the moon in an Uruli filled with water. She is excited and wants to take the moon to Muthassi.

The book depicts the close bond shared between grandchildren and grandparents in a beautiful way. We have all witnessed the small acts that our little children do for their grandparents – sometimes making a card for them or holding their hand while helping them walk to the table in a restaurant. These little acts actually mean so much. This book celebrates that bond! Like always, Shobha Vishwanath’s style of storytelling is so engaging even for the littlest of readers.

The illustrations are beautiful. We learnt about a new art form. I did not know much about paper cut art so this was something new for us. Keerthana Ramesh has done such a beautiful job with the illustrations – they come alive on each page. The book is a large sized hardcover book. The size does absolute justice to the illustrations.

Both my children (6.5 yo and 3.5 yo) enjoyed the book. They had many questions about why Muthassi was in the hospital and how will Nila take the moon to Muthassi. It has given me some ideas about some experiments with them. The facts about the number of full moons we witness each year and then calculating by when will we see our thousandth full moon fascinated my elder one a lot.

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Disclaimer: Prachi and her children are part of the #kbcReviewerSquad and received this book as a review copy from the publisher via kbc.

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