May 302024

Let’s Talk About Kolams, With Keshav [Review]

‘Keshav’s Kolam’ presents a heartwarming story centered around Keshav’s mother’s daily Kolam-drawing ritual and the challenges they encounter when she falls ill. The narrative explores themes of family, tradition, and the remarkable strength of community.

May 162024

Exploring the Sunderbans with Paro! [Review]

Paro is a little mudskipper who is lost in the mangroves. While she is an amphibious fish, she cannot stay away from water for a long time. To top it, she does not have legs which makes her journey back home even more difficult.

Sep 182020

Review: Rats Bigger Than Cats

Title: Rats Bigger Than Cats Author: Maegan Dobson Sippy Illustrator: Adrija Ghosh Age group: 3 – 7 years Type: Paperback with a Glow In The Dark Cover! A sweet suspense-thriller for 3 year olds! We…Continue Reading