Mar 162022

The Art of Shared Bedtime Reading.

As a pediatric sleep specialist, avid reader and author, the concept of shared bedtime reading is very close to Himani Dalmia’s heart.

Aug 152021

A Bloomsbury Book A Day… (3-7 years)

All of our kbc members and their childoos are huge fans of Bloomsbury books. They are books with heart, they gently address issues from worries to tantrums to fibbing. They make us laugh and cry. They feel like a warm hug from a trusted friend.

Jun 062021

Review: Goodnight Harry

A beautiful story which not only has a bed time routine, but also depicts friendship, how Harry’s friends help him sleep.

May 012021

Sneaky Bedtime Reads for 2 year olds!

The 2 YO milestone brought sleep regression with it. The awake world became very exciting to closed eyes, so much so that little miss bossy will command assertively: “Mama get up, it’s not time to sleep, it’s time to play” and so we played… with our books!!

Apr 292019

Review: Lost and Found

Book: Lost and found Author: Oliver Jeffers Type: Paperback Age: 3-5 years This is a lovely book, about a little boy who finds a penguin on his doorstep one day. He thinks it’s lost so…Continue Reading

Mar 242019

Mrs. Brice’s Mice

Book: Mrs. Brice’s Mice Author: Syd Hoff Type: Paperback Ages: 4-8 years What readers like about this book: The story! How amusing can one different mouse out of 25 be! The author-illustrator is known for his…Continue Reading