May 142019
Review: What the ladybird heard
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Book: What the ladybird heard

Author: Julia Donaldson

Book type: Boardbook.

Publishing house: Macmillan

Book for: 2-6 yrs old.

This is a lovely interesting story for toddlers with creative pictures of animals that make sounds in a farmer’s farm.

The farmer had a fine prize cow. All the animals made sounds in the farm, but a ladybird never said a word. One night she overhears two men planning to steal the farmer’s fine prize cow. She informs all the animals about the plan. She chalks out a plan and all the animals readily agree with her.

That night, thieves get into the gate to steal the cow, the animals start making sounds of other animals to confuse the thieves. Hearing all the sounds, the farmer wakes up and calls the police. The thieves get caught and the fine prize cow was saved.

All the animals at the end start making their sounds expressing happiness to have saved the cow but the ladybird never said a word.

This story teaches the young reader various sounds made by different animals. It also shares a message to toddlers through the ladybird to speak less and think more. And speak only when required.

My son Joy enjoys looking at the animals and especially at the ladybird since its very tiny and attractive. He also makes all the sounds of the animals I ask him.

Also the plan made by the thieves is shown through picture very well. Toddlers learn to understand a map.

I recommend this book for every toddler.

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