May 062019
Review: Peppa Pig: Marvelous Magnet Book
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Book : Peppa Pig Marvellous Magnet Book

Book Type: Hardcover

Created by: Neville Astley and Mark Baker

Published by: Penguin group ( Ladybird book)

Age: 2-5 yrs (due to small parts, parental supervision is required for kids below 3 years)

A big shout out to Peppa Pig fans, we are here with our second Peppa Pig book review. This book is based on the TV series Peppa Pig, which is liked by most of the kids and we love Peppa too.

The book is an activity book, where there are scenes and places to attract the attention of the kids. Peppa and her lil brother George are having fun doing their favorite things and my 2 yr old daughter is having fun putting the “magnet characters” on the pages to finish the picture.

How this book works:

  1. Book comes with 8 magnets and a story which asks the child to stick certain characters on page. Read the story and solve the query!

2. There are 5 scenes that are related to each other and are highly engaging.

3. The book is colouful and attractive.

Dinosaur museum scene with the Magnet Peppa family

Vedu had her birthday recently and she loves the birthday scene. Although the book says to stick only Peppa George and Friends, as Mummy and Papa Pig are getting ready, she insists on sticking every other together. Of course – all have to there at my birthday party!

In another scene where all are having a delicious meal, she insists that Mummy Pig and Peppa should sit together as Vedu sits with Mumma. As per the scene, Papa Pig scatters the sandwich and so she tells her papa…”Papa scatter sandwich”… We enjoy every moment of reading and playing with this book.

It’s a two-in-one package! Read while you play or play while you read.

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I recommend this book to all kids, especially who are yet to develop the habit of reading.

We bought this book from and special thanks to our avid reader members for suggesting this fun-filled book. 🙂

Happy reading!

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