May 032019
Recommended Books: Vedu’s First Educational Board Books
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Collection of vedu’s first Educational books

Books always open a new world to every reader and for a baby, who is yet to explore this world, books come as windows to have a sneek peek into what they will actually see, when they step out as lil explorers.

We always made sure that the reading should start from basic identification of things nearby. The fascination of seeing the objects in real, what she has already seen in a book was a sight to cherish. Her favorite word is “waaoooooo” with eyes broadened big.

Here is the list of some books which we explored after she turned 9 months old and still are our prized possessions. Some are torn and taped…re-taped… But we still love to carry them around proudly!

Vikas tiny board book: Vehicles

We always carry this vehicle book whenever we got out and the light in her eyes after seeing a real auto, rickshaw, bike, car, cycle and recently at the airport she shouted so excitedly, “Vedu ki book wala aeroplane” !! Haha… Nothing is better than your knowledge of daily life activities. Isn’t it?!

Vikas tiny board book: Vegetables and Fruits

I remember how she still runs and brings the vegetable book & fruits book and opens it to match the veggies and fruits – tomato, potato, lady finger, mango, cucumber, etc everything I cut has to be alongwith her book!

The entire set of 12 Tiny Board Books is available too. Numbers Bookis also popular.

Books by Eric Carle

I believe, every book lover must have at least one book from Eric Carle. We bought all of these from Amazon. It is also available as a set!

  1. Animal sound book: Sounds of animals like dog, cow, lion, rat, bees is a learning activity while playing. Book is small and easily fits in baby’s hands. Visiting a zoo is always fun, when baby tries to roar better than the lion itself!!
  2. Colours: This book has basic colours depicted as various colourful objects like a red apple, brown bear, green leaf. This book reminded me of Eric Carle’s famous The very hungry caterpillar (read review here).
  3. Words: The images in book are simple yet bright and attractive. Images like boy, girl, apple, fire engine, sun, leaf, butterfly are very common objects that baby can easily relate to. I love the colours of images and selection of words.

Last but not the least, we have:

Sawan’s Domestic and Pet animal book :

The reason I bought this specific book is unlike the title, it has pet animals, wild animals and some basic bird pictures too. While purchasing I realized, some of these are really for the child to pronounce, but to my surprise, she can identify all of them now… including turkey, Rhea, seagull, pelican, stork. I underestimated her may be! And this gave me a lesson that my job as a parent is to give her exposure and opportunities and leave rest to her imagination and capabilities.

Happy reading!

[Note from Team Kids Book Café: For your convenience, affiliate links (MARKED IN PINK) to some of the books have been added to enable you to buy the books from AMAZON, should you wish to! A very small amount of money comes to when you purchase a book via the amazon affiliate link provided. Do let us know if you’d like to buy some other children’s books that are not listed here by writing to and we’ll enable a shopping link for you!]

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