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14 books every 4 year old must read
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Kaavya’s favourite books as a 4 year old

I wrote this post 2 years ago on Kaavya’s 3rd Birthday.

“I gifted her the 1st book when she was 3 months old. It was a soft touch n feel book. Till date she goes through that book.

Before her 3rd birthday, we use to read basic books. Colours, shapes, animals, birds, flowers, vegetables, fruit, morals, short stories, etc.

For bedtime I make up or read stories as per her interest. About animals or birds or monsters or space or time machine, etc.

She narrates it back with her improvisation. She is very sharp n creative.
So thought it’s time to have few more story books too. She is getting attracted towards them now.

Hope she will love and respect her new friends too as story books are such a treasure.”

Now when I look back to this 2 year old write up, I can see how fast time has flown. Now I see her reading her own books. If I ask her to open the book and tell, she quickly points her two fingers towards her head and says it’s all stored here Mumma… Wait I’ll tell you! So my lil princess not only loves her books, she now remembers them and cherishes them!

In a few months her 5th birthday is coming up and we have a big big treasure now. It’s still growing everyday as she is a BIG book lover!

Sharing some of her favourites, will keep sharing more…

Kaavya’s List of Favourite Books (age: 4-6 years)

1). The lion who wanted to love
2). Cave Baby
3). Owl Babies (read Astha’s review here)
4). Room on the Broom (read Priya’s review here)
5). Hugless Douglas books
6). Sharing a Shell
7). The Snail and the Whale
8). The day the crayons quit (read Priya’s review here)
9). Lola Dutch When I Grow Up
10). How to catch a star
11). Lost and found (read Payal’s review here)
12). The smartest giant in town (read 7 year old Neel’s version here)
13). Giraffes can’t dance
14). The paper dolls (read Priya’s review here)

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