Apr 272019
Review: Owl Babies
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Book: Owl Babies

Author: Martin Waddell

Ages: 3-5 years

Type: Board book/Hardcover/Paperback

This is one of the favourite story books of my 6 year old kid and for many months it has been his favourite bedtime story.

The story is about three baby owls who wake up in the middle of night in their hole in the tree to find that their mother is gone.

This is an amazing story especially for children of working mothers as they can relate to the baby owls situation; and how they keep on thinking what could have happened to their mother, where could she have been…?

The youngest of them keeps on saying the phrase, “I love my mummy , I want my mummy “…

You will notice that as you read the book to your child, he/she will also keep on repeating the same phrase with you… I used to love this part the most!

All in all, I will say that this book is a must read as it is written in very simple English and it instantly touches the heart. It strengthens the bond of affection between mother and child while reading the book itself.

It ends with a very strong message that come what may, the mother will always come back to her children.

The other books written by the same author are…Can’t you sleep, little bear? Farmer Duck , Let’s Go Home Little Bear (read review here). All of Martin Waddell’s books are heartwarming and come highly recommended.

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