Mar 042020
My Quiet Holi #kbcHoliHai
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Playing Holi with my elder one!

This is my entry to the #kbcHoliHai Contest

Holi for most people is a super fun festival, involving colors, pichkaris, music and dancing.

But my fondest memories of Holi from my childhood, apart from gulal and water guns, are of its quieter counterpart – Holika dahan or ‘small / choti Holi’.

On the eve of Holi, we would go to a big park near my parents’ place, where people would gather in large numbers. The puja plate would be assembled at home and we would proudly take turns to carry it to the park. The park would be decorated, everyone would wait patiently for the holi bonfire to be lit; sometimes a celebrity would do the honors. It was a majestic sight. Then we would each do our Puja, with our plate of offerings – trying to keep a safe distance from the scorching hot fire. Tossing coins was the most fun! Lastly we would do a Pradakshina around the bonfire making a small water trail. It was all so thrilling, to escape the flying embers, also praying continuously, for our little problems. Over time, the park Holi stopped and we would then visit other neighborhood bonfires.

Now I attend the Holika dahan in my housing complex. It is a quiet, sincere affair and something I always look forward to! I make sure the kids accompany me, and I will soon tell them the significance of the festival (with a book)?!

I pray to the Holi fire for prosperity and strength for myself and my near and dear ones.

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