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Rango Bhari Holi #kbcHoliHai
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This is my entry to the #kbcHoliHai Contest

My 5 year old daughter Kaavya is a very funny, loving and environment caring child from a very early age. She love plants , animals and nature a lot. She never asks for crackers on Diwali.

Similarly she never wanted to play holi with colours and water. She believes we should not waste water, rather we should use it wisely. We play holi with few flower petals, chandan and turmeric paste in our temple, then greet family and friends with the same herbal colours. Then Kaavya starts her mission holi… fills her water gun…. yes you heard me right Pichkari…. 


But here is the real twist…. she uses her Pichkari to water her buddies (Plants)… I was so impressed when a 3.5 year old started watering the plants instead of throwing water on others! After some watering fun, we do a holi bake. As holi is the festive of colours we make our cake colorful, followed by colorful activities which are more interesting and better options.

A few years ago, before holi, Kaavya was very unwell for a long while. Still since it was a festival and kids can not sit ideal, we decided to do fun activities and dhamaal in a creative way!

Everything in our life is incomplete without Aarav… Kaavya’s soul twin. He surprised her with his visit and we all created great memories for life. This is what we did and what has become our Holi ritual:
1). Celebration in Temple at home
2). Greeting family and friends 
3). Watering plants
4). Baking 
5). Craft with colorful pulses and homemade turmeric colour, beetroot colour added charm to our craft.

Kids get engaged in free play and happy with home cooked meals.

Our Holi Rituals!

So this brings our joyful Holi to a happy yet environment friendly end. Same rituals are continuing till date and hopefully forever. Now we have more brothers and sisters in our growing family to add more and more giggles and colours…

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