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Rangeela re! #kbcHoliHai
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This is my entry in verse, for the #kbcHoliHai Contest. I hope you all like it!

Holi is here, festival, that brings people near! 

We used to have dad’s friends come over to wish,

Our house was covered with smell of gujias and samosas and many a fancy fancy dish!!

Those were the days we used to run, hide, play and aim;

Throwing water balloons at one another, was my most favourite game!!

Getting up at five, preparing all our tools,

Water guns and colours, oh! It was so cool !

Holi is here, festival, that brings people near! 

A day prior we used to have holika dahan in our neighbourhood,

Stories by mom about Prahlad and Holika were so well narrated and well understood! 

Those were the days we used to plan and strategise, 

The competition to prove who aimed the best, at throwing balloons, who’s the most wise!!

Removing colours (from face), before going to school , was a task,

All used to look like clowns, but without a mask!! 

Gone are those days, where we had dhol, thandai and our small music system,

All is replaced by holi parties, DJ’s and sophistication! 

There’s always a song for this festival,

From rang barse being a favourite to balam pichkaari,

Ab paani se khelna band karo, environment bachaane ki hai humari baari!!

Please save water, we have a generation to teach,

Play holi with flowers, now, is a practice that we preach!

Holi is here, but nobody’s near, 

All are busy, it’s quiet and dry;

Times have changed, but you have not,

So step out, play and keep the holi spirit high!!

This is my childhood photo – my only holi memory!

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