Mar 012020
My Scared Holi! #kbcHoliHai
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This is my entry to the #kbcHoliHai Contest

When I was 3 years old I used to be sacred of only one festival that is Holi! Everyone used to be so excited for it. Of course, it’s a colourful festival but I used to think they will colour my face with blue and black colour and it won’t come out. I would become an alien and then aliens would come, capture me and take me away from my family!

So I used spend this festival by living under the bed!! All my mama’s friends used to come apply colour to Maa – I used to shout please don’t come near me otherwise I will put water on you.

My maa was really upset by my sad face. She herself is really like a child loves to play with kids. So to make me overcome my fear of Holi….she made a rule to in our house to play with only powder and normal water so that i will not become alien :).

From that year onwards, I started enjoying the Holi festival. In fact it became my favourite festival when I became a big sister to my small brother. That’s when I finally started playing with all sorts of Holi colours!

History repeats itself: My daughter is scared of Holi, so we play with just a little dry colour!

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