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Rang barse … #kbcHoliHai
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This is my entry to the #kbcHoliHai Contest

It was his first holi and he was super excited. All geared up to drench himself in colour and masti.
He – Mumma what should we do for Holi? 
Me – Play in colour, greet friends, eat sweets and have loads of fun. 
He – So!! Are we gonna buy colours now ??
Me – Yes beta, we’ll go and pick some colours for you to have fun. 
He – (at the store, looking at the water gun) Mumma, I want this too, but what do we do with it? 
Me – it’s for playing Holi with water. 

On the morning of Holi. He woke up before time. Was all ready, dressed up, had breakfast without fuss and then…
Mumma let’s go – Holi Hai…. This was the story from last year.

Smile a lot and spread the colour of love this holi

I wasn’t even sure, if he remembers anything from the celebrations last year. Ahaaa.. I was wrong, he is already geared up. 

Me to my hubby – We should go get the herbal Holi colours for this year
Aarav – when is holi Mumma?? I wanna get coloured… How about the holi gun?? 
Hubby – what are you gonna do with the gun?? 
Aarav – I’m gonna splash colour on everyone and make everyone look colourful. Right now both are busy choosing which water gun to buy from Amazon.
Arrey yaar, tayar ho jao kyun ki Holi Hai!  

Ab aayi meri kahaani ki baari.  2015 ki baat hai, Holi was just days before my wedding. My cousin’s left no stone unturned to make it special. We partied all night the previous day, dancing and singing. The next morning we dressed up and we were all ready to drench each other in colour. It was a colourful day of Holi with loads of love and fun planned. 

Arrey yaar, itne se nahi ruka.. they made me sit and broke eggs on my head.. yuk! I was smelling eggs for the next two days and washed my hair atleast 15 times… Lucky me or lucky colleagues that it was holiday time… 

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