Feb 212020
Review: Ocean Yoga
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Book Name: Ocean Yoga

Author: Sabrina Merchant

Illustrator: Lotta Farber

Book type: Hard cover

Age group: 3-10 years (useful for parents too!)

A unique book of storytelling with child-friendly, fun yoga asanas!

This is the most different and unique book for kids that I have got to read. A perfect blend of reading, observing and learning yoga asanas. In this generation, where kids are mostly addicted to screen most of their time, what else could we ask for when we come across such a unique book?

It’s a beautifully illustrated book. Very attractive for kids. The best part is, on one of the pages, the beach sand is given a rough sand like texture, where in kids will get the sand like feel when they touch it! Such an amazing concept. My son can’t get enough of that page!

My 3 yo enjoys touching the sand again and again….

This story is about a brother and sister, Zen and Maya. They plan to spend the day having a picnic on the seashore. They spend the whole day on a sailing trip exploring new things and learning about marine creatures.

Each page has an interesting activity that they do and the adjacent page has the relevant yoga asana for that. So helpful isn’t it! I really loved the concept of storytelling combined with yoga!

The benefits of each yoga asana, when to do and how to do, everything is so well explained. Each asana is very child-friendly and kids will definitely enjoy performing them. In fact, my son Joy, loved performing all the asanas, irrespective of falling down! He’d simply get up and try doing it again till he got the right posture as shown in the book!

The author has used very simple language which is easy to understand for kids and there are also few collective nouns used like shoal of fish, bunch of bananas, etc. which is again something new to learn for kids.

Thanks to this book we are now spending much more time together where he is off screen time. It’s been a lovely and productive way to spend time with my energetic toddler.

This is truly a must have book in your book shelf. If you still don’t have it, please grab it at the earliest.

This book is indeed a visual treat for our lil yogi and a healthy way for a parent and child to bond.

We won this book as a part of the #kbcLilYogis Contest and we are so glad we did!

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