Dec 162018
Recommended Books: Asha’s favourite children’s books & authors as a Mom!
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[These are from my childoo’s book collection!]

So here’s my list of favourite children’s books and authors as a Mom!

 The interesting thing I’ve realized over the years, is that there has been so much more children’s literature that I was not aware of, or didn’t have access to, or wasn’t around in my time – which I have really enjoyed reading to my childoo! Even now I pick up one of her Roald Dahl or Sudha Murthy books that I haven’t read. Here is my curated list of fav books I’ve loved reading to my childoo while she was a toddler. And some of the few, I read after she’s done reading them (post toddlerhood):

  1. Enid Blyton mini books (Grandreams series),
  2. Noddy books
  3. Fafa and Juno books by Shantashree Shetty
  4. Topsy and Tim
  5. Umberto’s Tomatoes by Joan Anderson
  6. Little Miss and Mister series
  7. Dr Seuss series
  8. Roald Dahl books
  9. Sudha Murthy books
  10. Moin the Monster and Moin the Monster Songster by Anushka Ravishankar

Do check out my childoo’s list of faves (shared here) and see whether our choices match or not?! Ha ha ha! I have also posted a list of books I loved reading while growing up. Do post your and your child’s favourite reads as well!

[Note from Team Kids Book Café: For your convenience, affiliate links to some of the books have been added to enable you to buy the books from Amazon, should you wish to! Do let us know if you’d like to buy some other children’s books that are not listed here by writing to and we’ll enable a shopping link for you!]

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