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April Books Friends Day!
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Many of our kbc members have been grabbing fantastic books at fantastic deals! Sharing a list of books you might like to explore as well!

pc achira

Achira discovered a super fun book – MONSTER! HUNGRY! PHONE!

If you thought just having a phone is enough to order food when you are hungry, you need to meet our friendly monster!

Monster! Hungry! Phone! Written and illustrated by Sean Taylor and Fred Benaglia. And it’s a Bloomsbury book.

Monster was hungry and had a phone to call but did he know what number to dial!! Like Adu said it is important to know your numbers. So monster tried calling for pizza but he ended up reaching someone else every time. Fun fun fun!

Does he get to order his pizza or goes hungry?? You need to read this super funny book to know that!

Mona Sharma is our new khoji and deal queen! How she manages to find awesome books at steal deals, beats us! Some from her recent haul:

What Makes Me A Me? for 0-5 yrs

Uncle Leo’s Adventures In Sahara Forests

Glitter Beach: Book 6 (Secret Kingdom) for 5-7 years. Secret Kingdom has other books in the series.

Recess Rebels (Miranda and Maude #3) for 7-10 years. Miranda and Maude is a series.

Astrosaurs 11: The Claws of Christmas for 7-9 years . Astrosaurs is an entire series with many books!

Imagine You Were There… Winning the Vote for Women for 7-9 years. Imagine You Were There is a series.

Picture Perfect #2: You First: 02 for 8-12 years. There are more books in this series.

Frazzled #3: Minor Incidents and Absolute Uncertainties – a graphic novel for 8-12 years . This is part of a series called FRAZZLED by Booki Vivat.

Sky Pirates: Echo Quickthorn and the Great Beyond: 1 for 8 years+

Moving on to other books our members have ordered:

Sound Book- Fire Engine for 1-3 years. This is a new series of sound books for babies and toddlers called OM SOUND BOOK by Kirti Pathak.

Ferrari Roaring Book: Illustrated Sound Board Book 

Lots of Frogs  0-5 years

Mummy and Me 1-5 years

DOING THE ANIMAL BOP – 1-5 years A must must have book for childoos who love animals and love dancing!

No Hitting!: A Lift-the-Flap Book (Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Books) Novelty Book

No Biting by Karen Katz

What to Do When You Feel Like Hitting: A No Hitting Book for Toddlers (48 pages)


Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus Sound Book Board book 0-4 years

Peppa Pig: The Wheels on the Bus

Biscuit Goes to School

Wemberly Worried for 4-8 years is about a child who worries about everything especially starting school.


Masha and the Bear series

The Same but Different: From the bestselling author of How Are You Feeling Today? (Molly Potter) – a book about inclusion

The Best Worst Day Ever by Sophy Henn for 3-6 years. Excerpts from Achira’s review:

Have you ever felt like you are having a terrible day? That your day is going from bad to worse and you just feel like running away! Just like us our little ones also have bad days at times. For them it is rather hard since most of the time they can’t understand why they are feeling that way.

The best worst day ever by Sophy Henn is one beautiful book that talks about how one can change a worst day into a best worst day! Arthur was having one terrible day. He stomped and hugged and roared and then finally decided to run away! But when he decided to come back home, he met a bear, an elephant and a lion. They wiggled and hooted and sang all the way and he forgot all about why he was grumpy!

Beautiful book that explains how we can find happiness in small things and changed our day. It is in our hands to make a day good or bad. The illustrations do half the work. Like Arthur when we feel grumpy, we sing and dance silly. We laugh and run and hoot and soon feel better.

All of Sophy Henn’s books are popular with our kbc members, especially EDIE.

It’s OK to Cry: A picture book to help children talk about their feelings by Molly Potter

All of Molly Potter’s books come highly recommended.

Worries Go Away! 

Big Feelings: From the bestselling creators of All Are Welcome

Where Happiness Begins (Big Emotions) by Eva Eland for 4 yrs+

When Sadness Comes to Call (Big Emotions) by Eva Eland for 4 yrs+


Today is Earth day. A day when we pause to reflect just how precious our planet is, and how we can preserve its beauty for the coming generations. Sharing some books that we have read recently on environmental protection. Three of these books were gifted by Achira and her boys, to Neil (thank you for your amazing choice).

Noa and the Little Elephant – A wonderful story about a little boy and his friendship with elephants, and how along the way he realises that elephants are being hunted for their tusks and decides to keep them safe from hunters when he grows up because all living beings deserve to live free and be safe.

One Lonely Tiger – This one is funny, yet amazingly beautiful. All about how the disappearing forests lead to the animal population dwindling, and becoming sad and lonely – especially this one tiger. And one day, he decides to take a big leap, and jump off to? Get the book to find out where he jumps off to!

One more does matter, Lana – This one is probably our favourite of the three. Lana loves to upcycle things, but Mr wolf does not – he keeps chopping trees for different things, saying “one more won’t matter”. But, does “One more matter?”. It does, as we find out in this beautiful book. It shows us the many ways in which we can upcycle things too.

Neil had to prepare a speech for school today, for which I ordered Please Help Planet Earth: A Ladybird eco book . It’s the best book to help explain the ecological crisis our planet faces currently – it starts with why our planet is special (it is the only planet capable of supporting living beings), and why it is suffering (pollution), and what are the consequences, and how we can help. All of this is done through pictures, and very simple text. The book is printed on recycled paper, so we discussed recycling and upcycling too!

Thank You, Earth (40 pages) Achu has this one!

Try Your Best, Patrick Achira was gifted this book by Tanvi.

This is such a motivating book that we so loved reading. Patrick is just a normal chicken who is good at this or good at that but not the best at anything! His mum would always tell him that it’s okay and to just do his best! In the end he does realise his mum was right and indeed he was good at something. A great book for kids and us- for them to understand that yes we all are good at something and for us to always keep motivating them! A great book about not giving up and friendship.

Farm Animals: A Mix-and-Match Book  Achira highly recommends both of these books.

Wild Animals: A Mix-and-Match Book. These two mix and match books by Sophie Corrigan also come in a product bundle
Farm Animals: A Mix-and-Match Book (Mix & Match Book) + Wild Animals: A Mix-and-Match Book (Mix & Match Books) (Set of 2 Books). Quoting Achira:

I need books that can make the brothers sit together and give Divit a chance to teach something to Adu along with some silly discussions among the brothers. This Bloomsbury book ( yes am officially a big big fan of all their books) is such a book that exactly meets my requirement. I had got this for such lazy days when a good laugh just makes you wake up! Perfect to learn about farm animals and then go silly and make up your own imaginary pretend animals! We have even our favourite preten animals from this!

Stories with 2 ends by Team Book Matrix – there are 4 books in this series. Highly recommended by Achira and Amardeep. Sometimes available as a product bundle. Quoting how Amardeep uses these books to navigate the concept of CHOICE:

These books explain how there are always more than one choice, and sometimes people choose wrong choices, and what are the consequences. Not everybody exercises their power of choice correctly.

Santa Claus vs The Easter Bunny for 3 years+ Amardeep has this one.

Hippobottymus for 3-6 years

Who’s in the Loo?

The Cat’s Pyjamas for 3-7 years Roshna highly recommends this book for 1 yr+

Ever wondered if there’s a book that teaches kids a good bedtime routine? Well.. this book which is also my 4 year old’s current favourite does that in a fun and engaging way. What he loved most is the amazing illustrations. Everyday the cat wears different theme pyjamas and dream of these themes. Like Tuesday he wears ocean pyjamas and dreams of whales, sea turtles, eels etc. A great way to learn different days of week and also different themes and these are linked with good night time routines like praying before sleep, brushing teeth, reading book, drinking milk..

I Can Only Draw Worms by Will Mabbitt. Excerpts from Kausar’s review in the kbc fb group:

Hilarious account of 10 worms and only worms. We used playdough (homemade) to create our worms as we read the book. We loved how worm two gets spectacles and how worm five is poorly (we made her really thin). Also we were sorry about worm eight who has a pink accident. Great read.. My hubby enjoyed this one as well. Also great for fine motor skills with playdough. Awesome book to read and play. And also to learn counting with.ps: we found worm zero too!!

Anatole and the Cat for 5-8 years (Caldecott Honor Award)

Introducing Teddy

Julian is a Mermaid

Guthli Has Wings


A Drop of Blood: Let’s Read and Find out Science – 2 


Children’s books on DIABETES

What It’s Like to Have Type I Diabetes: Book One: Food and Insulin

Mommy Beeps: A book for children who love a type 1 diabetic

Taking Diabetes to School

Even Little Kids get Diabetes 


Get Well Soon, Mamma!


Amy Meets Her Stepsister for 5-9 years

All Kinds of Families by Sophy Henn

Mr. Pattacake – 3 book set for 5-7 years

Shaking Things Up: 14 Young Women Who Changed the World for 4-8 years

There’s a Leopard in my House by Vaishali Shroff for 4 yrs+

Leopard in Mumbai by Lubaina Bandukwala for 6-15 yrs

Letters to Krisha for 6 years+ (Karadi Tales)

Waiting for Turtles for 6 years+

The Adventures of Young Ambedkar for 6-10 years

Bhimayana : Experiences of Untouchability

The Piano: Story of a Friendship award winning book by Nandita Basu

Topi Rockets from Thumba: The Story behind India’s First Ever Rocket Launch (Meet Vikram Sarabhai, learn about rockets and travel back in time in this illustrated STEM book meant for ages 6 and up) by Menaka Raman – 6-9 years

The Dog Who Lost His Bark for 7-10 years

The Very Glum Life of Tootoolu Toop: Gorgeous Illustrations, Magical Adventures for 8 years+

Voices in the Park for 7-10 years. In Vinati’s words,

Four people, unfamiliar, enter a park with their own back story. Same setting, same landscape….but different perspectives… each right in their own… When they leave, they exit with an after story of their own… an experience of their own… A wonderful warm tale for pre teens on varied perspectives … a perfect platform to initiate a conversation on being judgemental… a lovely introduction to seeing the other side of the story


The Trumpet of the Swan for 7-11 years

When the Mountains Roared – 9-11 years

Mr Lemoncello’s Great Library Race for 8-12 years. There is a whole series by Chris Grabenstein called Mr Lemoncello’s Library!

WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO BE…Fantastic Stories About Real-Life Indians for 8-14 years

WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO BE… BOOK 2 : More fantastic stories about real-life Indians for 8-14 years

Guinness World Records 2022

The Puzzling Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Ten New Cases For You To Crack (Solve-it-Yourself Mysteries) 

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