Apr 302021
Dhyana’s Super Thirty! Books for 0-4 year olds #kbcBookBingoJr
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This is our entry for the #kbcBookBingo contest!

A Dino Book

Dinosaur ABC

Our first book about Dinosaurs. A very precise and informative book with the names put alphabetically, which makes it easy to remember and fun for parents and children to quiz each other. An extra point for the correct pronunciation it teaches. We dearly enjoy it.

A Book on Good Habits

Richard Scarry’s Please and Thank You Book

One of the best Richard Scarry books! The book is divided under seven themes. Each theme teaches good values and the importance of manners. A must have in every library.

A Dr. Seuss Book

Green Eggs And Ham

This a lovely book about the character Sam-I-Am who convinces the narrator to try what is served rather than going by how it looks on the plate. This book is always at our rescue to win over the disagreement to try new dishes and makes the job easy.

A Boynton Board Book

But Not The Hippopotamus

A very dear book that taught us about rhyming words. It’s a book that teaches about the joy of being together and not be left alone like the hippopotamus who at last, joins the company of other animals.

A Book That Teaches You A Lesson

You, Me and Empathy by Jayneen Sanders Sofia Cardoso 

A book that teaches about one of the most important traits: Empathy, along with kindness, tolerance, compassion and much more. We just love the lines:

“I understand – I do, because sometimes I feel just exactly like you!”

A gentle book with all the love and warmth.

A Lift The Flap Book

Peekaboo!: Kitten

One of our first few books. A story about a cat who lost her four friends. She goes to search for them in a kennel, behind the carrots, in the bucket, and behind the daisies. Every time she finds a friend, it’s PEEKABOO! A book to keep the child smiling throughout.

A Bed-Time Story

I’ll Always Love You

This book is about the unconditional love that the child looks for from his parents. A story of Alex and his mother, where Alex wonders whether his mother only loves him when he’s good? A cute bed-time story to cuddle and get cuddled.

A Book By Your Favourite Illustrator

Kayu’s World Is Round

A story about a child with autism and how he finds strength in his interests, as all he sees and understands are circles. A must read awareness book.

A Book With A Quirky Cover

Marmaduke: The Very Different Dragon

A story about a dragon who looks different compared to the other dragons. He feels lonely and doesn’t have the confidence to fly as his wings are different. This book helps you understand that it’s okay to be different.

A Fairytale


A story with beautiful pictures about a girl and how she gets a perfect match. By the way, who doesn’t know about the story of Cinderella? Almost none! Sometimes it’s good to be in the dreamy world. Isn’t it?

A Touch And Feel Book

The Very Busy Spider

A book about Spider’s dedication and perseverance, that it didn’t get distracted by animals who try to persuade him. The feel of the web always excited us as to how near the spider is in completing its web. A book that helped us to understand the importance of continuing our work till it gets completed.

A Book That Was Gifted To You

Lost and Found

A book about a selfless boy who tries to help a little penguin find its way back home. We got emotional every time we read it as D wanted to bring it home so that the penguin is safe and gets food on time.

A Book On Mythology

Kahaani Puraani

Our first book on mythology! It’s always a delight to read it a couple of times together. A part of the story of Ramayana is so well laid that even a toddler enjoys it and knows the characters of the story. A book close to our heart.

A Rhyming Book

Each Peach Pear Plum

A beautiful rhyming book along with the game we all play at home and enjoy: I spy. It has been a part of the cherished books at our home.

A Book On Shapes, Colors or Numbers

The Day The Crayons Quit

Colours are one of the most fascinating things for little ones. We were glued to this book’s cover in a book shop, as it had crayons! It’s a story about Duncan and his set of crayons that go on a strike. How he keeps his crayons happy at last is worth the read.

A Yellow Coloured Book

I Don’t Want To Be Quiet!

We enjoy it in bits and pieces. Such a fun book. Making noise is a lot of fun but sometimes it’s good to be quiet. We love:

”Stairs are STOMPING, spoons are DRUMMING, and when my mum’s working, I help her by HUMMING”

A Funny Book

Squeak’s Good Idea

A story about a baby elephant who wants to go outdoors, but everyone is busy to accompany him. So, he goes alone wearing rain gear, winter gear and food enough for four. What happens in the end is really funny!

A Book By An Indian Author


A beautiful story about a boy, Mihir, who gets fascinated by his grandmother’s tradition of feeding birds at her window. A story that teaches us to be observant towards the needs of birds and animals. Later whether he follows the tradition or not is meticulously weaved into a meaningful ending. A story I am sure will encourage a child’s love towards birds and animals.

An Informative Book

How Did That Get In My Lunchbox?: The Story of Food

One of the most fascinating books that we discovered by chance while searching for some food facts. An absolute add-on to the curious minds’ shelves. It answers how cheese, chocolates, carrots, apple juice, etc, come to your plate.

A Book On Transport Or Vehicles

Mad About Trucks And Diggers!

We once saw a digger on road and were curious to know more. It’s a simple book about unusual vehicles like monster trucks, steam rollers, cranes and more.

A Sound Book

Sophie’s Big Beep Beep Book!

Our first book that introduced us to both flap books and sound books when we were 3 months shy to our first birthday. One of the dearest books that made us giggle at the different sounds of vehicles. Surely, a book to a child’s delight.

A One Word Title Book


A funny tale about Ponnu, a foodie who had the habit of forgetting things. He once went to his friend’s place and ate a dish. He tries his best to remember its name for his wife. But what happens in the end? How he recollects the name is hilarious! KOZHUKATTA!

A Book On Any Festival

Amma, Tell Me About Diwali!

One of the beautiful books from the “Amma Tell Me About” series. Graceful illustrations and description about the festival of lights, that a child should know and enjoy with more enthusiasm. A must have!

A Book That Has Siblings

Owl Babies

A book about three siblings – Sarah, Percy and Bill, who wait for their mother, who they couldn’t find as she had gone out of their hole. They waited but doubted, until she returned. We have a deep connection with this book as my daughter used to wait for me in the evening until I was back from office. Later, we found this amazing book and it calmed her insecurity.

A Book About Birds

The Jungle Radio: Bird Songs Of India

What beautiful illustrations! A book that is normally read during our early mornings or breakfast time. We get into a chirping competition with the birds on the trees. CHURR-CHOOO! SWEE-WEE-WEE! TEW-TOO-TOO! KEE-KEE! KOO-KOO! and much more. Do read it to your little ones and enjoy together.

A Book On Space

Usborne: Look Inside Space

A book that gives a plethora of information to not only younger ones but re-confirms a lot of our knowledge. It talks about space stations, bright starlight, glittering galaxies and our favourite, star gazing. A sure shot book to keep a child intrigued.

A Picture Book

Flower Garden

A book about the beauty of nature, where it all can be grown. We totally love this treat to the eyes.

A Sea Creatures Book

Usborne: Look Inside – Seas And Oceans

A book that introduced us to creatures with names like a Loose Jaw Fish, Gulper Eels, White Beluga Whales, Lion’s Mane Jellyfish and what not. A perfect one for those who love sea creatures.

A Monster Book

The Gruffalo

As they say a collection of books is incomplete without Julia Donaldson’s books. The Gruffalo is every child’s favourite, that instills no matter how big or small you are, you can get yourself out of any situation.

A Book With Magic

Almost Anything

Our all time favourite! This book is real magic. A little bunny who says “I can’t”, gets a magic hat by a bear. He believed in the power of the hat and did anything and everything. But when he loses his hat, will he lose the spirit? A great book to teach kids that trying never goes waste. The real magic is from within.

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