Jun 212019
Mimi & Soni Learn Yoga: Author Devika tells us the story behind the story!
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Book: Mimi & Soni Learn Yoga

Author: Devika Joglekar

Age: 5-8 years

Format: Kindle and Paperback

On International Day of Yoga, we had a very brief e-conversation with Devika Joglekar, the author of Mimi & Soni Learn Yoga! Devika is an author-illustrator who creates India-centric children’s books. She is based in the US and her books are currently being published there.

Below, she shares what inspired her to write this book!

I learned Surya Namaskar at the age of 6. Mimi and Soni Learn Yoga is my big thank you to my grandfather who taught me the importance of daily exercising, through Surya Namaskar.

This comic book is a brief introduction to Surya Namaskar for kids. 
Through a story about two girls, it elaborates on the benefits of 
starting Surya Namaskar at a young age, and also teaches kids that with 
daily practice you can learn anything you wish.

inside page of the book!

As a kid I was truly blessed to have my grandparents guide me, to teach 
me new things, along with being my play dates! The book is loosely based 
on my childhood experiences. The characters of Aaji and her brother Hari 
Ajoba are inspired by my paternal grandparents. The story is set in a 
coastal village near Mangaluru, Karnataka where my maternal grandma 
lived. I absolutely cherish those memories, to this day.

inside page of the book!

I have always aspired to create children’s book content and animations, 
which are fun to read and also inspire young minds to explore new 
things. Currently, my focus is on creating children’s content based on 
Indian characters and culture.

Our kids live in a world where parents are  increasingly busy, 
tablets/videos games are increasingly pervasive and academic pressures 
are incessant. Yoga can be immensely useful in bringing calmness of the 
mind along with strengthening of the body. Especially Surya Namaskar, 
helps in improving one’s blood flow, breathing and focus of mind.

It also teaches us to show gratitude towards the Sun, the most crucial 
force of energy for life on earth.

As companion pieces to my book, I have also made few animation videos 
where Mimi and Soni are demonstrating simple yoga poses.

My hope is to motivate young readers to explore and learn Yoga.

Isn’t that an amazing story? To be inspired by your grandparents and write a book based on what you learnt from them is incredible indeed! We wish Devika all the best for all of her books!

Devika has written many other children’s books including another one in the Mimi & Soni series. Stay tuned for her next new release!

‘Mimi & Soni Learn Yoga’ is available on Kindle and in Paperback on Amazon. To order your copy, click the button!

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