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Review: The Jungle Book (First Stories – Push, Pull and Slide Book)
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Book: The Jungle Book (First Stories – Push, Pull and Slide Book)

Illustrator: Miriam Bros.

Published by: Campbell books.

Book type: Board book

Age: 1-5 years

This book has colourful hard pages with push and slide pictures. This makes my two year old toddler, Joy very interested in the book.

This is a story of Mowgli, who is brought up in a jungle by Bagheera, the black panther and many other animals. Baloo, the bear teaches him how to sing and dance and play. At last, Mowgli finds a village where he sees humans for the first time. But he chooses to play in the jungle with his friends. As he is happy to be free and wild.

This book has slide, push and pull scenes which makes the book very attractive for kids and brings the classic tale of Rudyard Kipling‘s The Jungle Book to life (watch video below). Joy loves to play with the slide and push pictures and understand the story how Mowgli loved to jump from one tree to another, how he dances with Baloo and other animals.

It has sturdy pages. Each page contains a big picture and two lines illustrating the picture. The colours used are vibrant enough to catch the attention of toddlers. You’ll find Joy glued to the book trying to understand the story.

This story also teaches to love animals.

It’s a fun reading book for toddlers. I strongly recommend.

Happy reading!

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