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Review: My First Funny Jungle Book
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Title: My First Funny Jungle Book

Author: Suvi Naidoo

Illustrator: Devashish Verma

Publisher: Talking Cub, Speaking Tiger Books 

Type: Board book

Age group: 1 – 4 years and beyond!

PORTMANTEAU! Well that’s a French word I literally searched on Google after reading the amazing MY FIRST FUNNY JUNGLE BOOK (Words by Suvi Naidoo Pictures by Devashish Verma) Why?? Because have you ever heard of or seen an ELEPANDA or a CRONKEY? Well, you will, once you read this book!

The author has let her imagination fly and created an interesting team of hybrid animals by giving them quirky names and pictures. Remember ELEPANDA? CRONKEY? While the former is shown as the hybrid of ELEPHANT and PANDA, the latter is a mix of CROW and MONKEY.

I enjoyed reading it to my kid. And I really loved this idea of blending two names and still making sense. That’s what PORTMANTEAU means!

Guess what, my kid and I have started blending names and words too. It’s a part of our daily exercise now. My kid recently came up with her own set of interesting words. Can you guess what OCTODOLP would mean? 😀 If this concept of mixing words interests you, I must recommend this book for the fun that awaits you and your child.

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