Apr 282021
Review: Don’t Let Them Disappear
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Title: Don’t Let Them Disappear

Author: Chelsea Clinton

Type: Hardcover

Age group: 6 – 8 years

We’ve been reading a lot about dinosaurs (my son is a crazy Dino lover) which has exposed us to various terms relevant to the environment, ‘extinct’ being one of them. While we were understanding “extinction” through various mediums (Charles Darwin-Origin of Species book being one of them) it led us to another curiosity — ‘endangerment’

So, we went on to explore more about it and stumbled upon this book, “DON’T LET THEM DISAPPEAR” by Chelsea Clinton and illustrated by Gianna Marino. There couldn’t have been any easier book for the age group 6-8 years!

It’s a fabulous non fiction picture book that talks about 12 endangered species across the globe — Giraffes, Gorillas, Blue whales, Rhinoceroses, Giant Pandas, Whale Sharks, Polar Bears, Lionesses (female lions), Sea Otters, Orangutans, Tigers and Elephants.

The author has kept the information short and precise which makes it easy for young minds to comprehend. The passages about every animal include — its geographical range, endangered status, probable reasons that threaten their existence and also some peculiar traits.

Awesome animal trivia!

We were amazed to discover that, a single giraffe kick can kill a lion or that Rhinos are accompanied by ox peckers, which are birds that sit on the rhinos’ back and warn them about any danger. We also learned that Polar bears have good eyesight to differentiate between shades of white on ice!!

On every page the author ends with a call for help — don’t let them disappear!

The author ends the book perfectly too by explaining the various reasons behind why animals are getting endangered – reasons like global warming, habitat loss, poaching, pollution, etc.

It also includes ways in which we can help our animals and also lists all the special dates for celebrating animals.

The illustrations by Gianna Marino are warm, expressive and engaging. They fill your heart with love & respect towards the planet and its beings.

Now more than ever, it is essential to teach our kids about wildlife conservation.

Every animal, plant and human have a right to life! Let’s nurture our kids to became the crusaders of change. Do lay your hands on this book if you have animal lover. Wonderful things happen when we read.

Happy reading!!

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