Feb 232021
Poem – Love Of My Life
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I am posting this poem on behalf of my 9 years old daughter Prisha Ambi. It’s a 20 line poem and in alphabetical order – first letter of first word of every sentence.

Love of my life

Add some sprinkling sugar,
Because we want it sweet

Come here and give me butter,
Directly I will add flour made from wheat

Enough of sugar and more chocolate,
Finally I hope my daughter will not be late

Go and get some eggs,
Ha ha, let’s make another cake for my son Shregs

Ice cream, that is what we need more,
Just wait, later we will see ourselves eating this near the sea shore

Knights might come and take this cake,
Let’s bring more ingredients to bake

Muffins of blue berry flavour,
Next a cupcake of yellow colour

Oh, here is my little daughter,
Princess of our little kingdom

Quiet and intelligent and apple pie of her father,
Rushing towards her I say welcome

She is our life’s sunshine,
Then we all went out to dine!

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