Mar 292019
Review: Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
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Book: Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

Author: Lewis Carroll

Type: Paperback

Age: 8-12 years

Written by Lewis Carroll, “Alice In Wonderland” is one of the most famous Victorian classics, which has stood the test of time and still holds its charm amongst young children. It belongs to the genre of nonsensical literature and reading it gives you a sense of how beautifully the author has created visual imagery through fantasy. It somewhere reaches the height of creativity, when you see that there are so many weird characters entering and leaving the story one after the other and Alice’s interaction with them is fun to read.

This book has many versions for different age groups so one must be careful while selecting an age appropriate version for a child. This particular version is for ages 8 and above depending on a child’s reading ability. My 9 year old daughter had found it a little difficult to read and understand it initially as this is classic literature set in Victorian era. Also some kids may find the story in a story format used in this book a little difficult to comprehend. But once you get acquainted and read it with patience and some guidance, it is very interesting. Then, you will want to reach the end!

The story (in all the versions) starts when an adventure-hungry Alice falls down a Rabbit hole. After a long fall she reaches a place which is no less than a wonder world with creatures and happenings one can see and witness in one’s dreams only.

With Alice changing her size at almost every other turn in the story, what makes it an interesting read is how it happens to her. Also each character she meets is abnormal in its own way. My favourite character in the story was the Queen of hearts and her “off with his or her head” statement which she made every now and then.

So was this a dream for Alice or was she witnessing all this in reality…? One has to read the whole book to know the answer.

My daughter has not read it completely but after the initial hiccup, now she is finding it interesting. A must read for people who want themselves to get acquainted with classical literature. I always wanted it to be a part of our collection. The author has done full justice in taking the reader to a wonderland with Alice!!

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Reader Comments

  1. aditi, when you mentioned you had written a review on alice in wonderland i was skeptical. i thought what does one write about a book everyone knows about?


    you have so perfectly narrated your experience, your expectations, your challenges as a parent, and most of all your love for reading so so well!

    kudos to you! i feel like reading the book again after reading your wonderful review! thank you for being you!

  2. I agree completely asha. I was also happy that out of all the books that are reviewed here, this is one which most of the people have actually heard or read(including me). So nothing new to review. But Aditi your review is so honest and worth reading and considering the fact that it is a book for kiddos and some may find it difficult.


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