Mar 292019
Farmer Falgu Goes On A Trip
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Book: Farmer Falgu Goes On A Trip

Author: Chitra Soundar

Illustrated by: Kanika Nair

Type: Hardcover

Ages: 3-8 years

Synopsis of the book

What readers like about this book: This is a beautifully illustrated book that is so India-centric! The story is intriguing – a farmer needs some down time away from his noisy farm! Who’d ever visualise a farmer on vacation! Gives the reader a whole different perspective of how other folks live.

Excerpts from Achira’s review in the kbc fb group where she has shown inside pages.

Farmer Falgu is tired of all the noise in his farm and goes out to find silence. He meets different people on his way. The old man starts singing and plays his drum Dum- Dum, the snake charmer plays his pungi phee-phee, the dancers go tap-tap-tap and the bullocks go trot-trot. With them farmer Falgu also starts singing forgetting all about silence. Does he succeed in finding silence, does he get that peace he was looking for!!

I realised this is very true for us adults as well. Silence is a perspective. For me silence is in sitting with the boys reading books or playing a board game or doing some craft. All the noise is welcome really as long as we are together.

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