May 292020
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Atop Table Mountain, South Africa

Shimmering softly with its worldly glow,

In life’s weary, subdued shores;

Hope – a beast fierce and wild,

Yet a free spirit – warm and bright!

When spectres morose, darkened life’s cloudy sphere,

Dark and desolate, did the glimpses of the future appear;

But then a fierce blaze, surged through these transient tremors,

Hope had again suffused in Mankind, longing and cheer;

A desire strong, a yearn sincere,

Hope’s a radiant Flame – the soul’s stout pioneer;

Scintillating in its vivid, bright accord,

Hope ripples warmth in the forlorn heart’s chords;

Sunbeams of hope ignite life’s smouldering embers,

To a burning fire, animated with passions tender;

And with lively ethos, Hope unfurls in the human breast,

A realm cherishing life at the very best! 

                                        – Rehaan 

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