Apr 192020
To All Things New…
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The diving roller eagerly leaped from the clutches of the sky,

And settled upon a lush tree, with a carefree sigh;

It moved down to a leaf, guzzling the Summer dew,

And then with a sparkle of energy, back to the sky it flew;

A gentle doe roamed the verdant mead,

And to kiss her lively fawn, she gently bent;

Then they paced along with light and free steps,

And finally into a gushing brook, with spontaneity they leapt;

The Delphic thrush found its voice again,

As he sung of things dark, unknown and foreign;

And these notes of varying shades of poignance,

Did hide behind it unearthed truths of constance;

For the wise thrush sang songs of love and war,

Of painful hardships and animal slaughter,

Songs that voiced their sacred freedom,

A reminder that this aeon of tyranny had passed.

               – Rehaan 

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