Aug 022020
We Will Never Break Our friendship…. #kbcBFF
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Posting on behalf of my 8.5 year old daughter … for the #kbcBFF contest.

My best friend is someone special with whom I can share all my feelings and secrets. Her name is Dilreet.

Earlier I had a best friend but she used to overshadow me and used to demoralize me and then do exactly what i suggested.. Then, by God’s grace, I started gradually making friends with another girl in my class .

One day she came upto me and asked if I could be her best friend. I eagerly said a “Yes” because her nature was just like mine as she used to laugh on simple little things just like me.

In these tough times also, we are in touch with each other over video and voice calls . We keep laughing at silly things just like nobody is watching us!!!

Once Dilreet had to go to Canada. I was feeling a little strange from inside since I knew I would miss her, but I didn’t show anything to her as she was excited to visit Canada. The day she went to Canada, I felt like crying and was feeling very emotional. I was feeling alone in school as there was no other best friend than her.

One day, I was sitting in my balcony, feeling bored and suddenly got an idea to make a delightful bookmark for Dilreet and give it to her once she is back. When she came back, she visited my house to give goodies which she got for me from her trip and I gave her my bookmark .. She was pleased to see it and hugged me!!

Dilreet is good in sports and excellent in Skating. She motivated me to do skating so I learned how to skate by myself with instructions from Dilreet. I am good in public speaking and I motivated Dilreet to prepare some speeches and deliver them in our show as well as speak in school. And now she even has her own You tube channel !!!!! We keep learning something new from each other. We are best Friends.. and will be best friends forever.

I love her a lot 🙂

Shranya and Dilreet..

are smart and sweet

We are friends and it will never end :):):)

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