Aug 022020
United by a Name! #kbcBFF
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(As narrated by my 7 year old daughter for the #kbcBFF contest. )

The new girl in class…

It was the month of April. Grade 1 had already started. One day a new girl came to our class – her name was Rianna. I was thrilled that my name has the same letters as hers – Raina! 

We became friends right away! We loved talking to each other, I introduced all the teachers to her. In lunch break I showed her around the school – things like the art room, computer lab, etc

Rianna also played with me a lot and would always ask me her doubts. We had the same hairstyle, we liked to do the same things, but the only one difference was that she had glasses and I didn’t!!! 

One day Rianna, two of my other friends, me and my brother got together to play in a play area. That was the best day ever. Our mummies also became friends.

I went to her house for her birthday party and I tried mushroom pizza for the first time and I loved it so much that now I want mushrooms everytime I eat pizza! She also came to my house for a playdate as well.

We are now in different divisions in second grade, but we will meet in short break and lunch break when school opens.

We will be friends forever – Raina and Rianna!!

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