Aug 022020
The Three Musketeers #kbcBFF
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This is my 6 year old daughter Kaavya’s entry to the #kbcBFF contest.

Advita and Devansh are my BFFs. We met in our play school back in 2016. Adivta is younger than me and Devansh. We all have been calling her Addu with love since then.

We started the 1st day of our school together. We love each other so much, we are best friends and Addu is my sister now. I know everything about Adivta and Devansh, what all they like and dislike very well. Devansh loves to eat Cucumber, Addu love Mangoes.

We all help each other in learning new things. I taught Addu new songs and she thought me bhajans her nani taught her. We all went to Rishikesh together – it was so much fun – but we missed Devansh a lot, as he wasn’t able to come with us.

We all love to read books a lot. Before Corona we used to meet every week to exchange our books with each other. Now we can’t but few days back we did a Puppet Show Zoom party. It was so much fun, we miss meeting each other, going for play dates and visiting each other’s house.

We were learning swimming together last year, we pray to god everyday to do some magic and take away coronavirus from planet earth forever so we can meet again soon.

Devansh and I were in the same class for last two years now we are in different sections in class 1. Adivta is in KG now. Still we always have a great time in school during assembly and sports days.

I’d meet Addu almost everyday in the washroom… We talk, we laugh, use the washroom, wash our hands and then I drop Adivta in her class and then I go back to my class.

Whenever we buy a toy or books, I want the same for Advita and Devansh as well. I love Addu and Devansh the most and they both love me. We are best friends forever..

We want to live happily together forever.

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