Aug 022020
My First Race Thanks To My Best Friend. #kbcBFF
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I am posting this on behalf of my 8 year old son, Bhavik as an entry to the #kbcBFF contest.

Last year in November, I had Sports Week In my school.  I always wanted to participate in the race but somehow, I could not bring myself to raise my hand when the teacher asked us “Who wants to participate for the race?”

My best friend, Veer who always participated in most of the sport events, just held my arm and raised it.

I looked at him and he whispered “Bhavik, raise your hand. We’ll have fun”. Then I realized how badly I wanted to participate in any of the sports events.

My friend and I were excited. Obviously I knew my friend was excited because he loved sports and games.

Next weekend, I was practicing and warming up for the race. I practiced and practiced until I was ready. And then finally, the day came.

First, we had to exercise again and warm up. In the race I ran and ran and ran until I reached the finish line and to my surprise, I was in first place! I won a certificate and even a medal.  I was super happy to win and happier to participate because of Veer.

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