Sep 122021
Lady Guard MG10 #kbcpinkooshergill
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This is my fictional story entry for the #kbcpinkooshergill contest.

“Good afternoon madam.” Greeted Manoo uncle. Back in 1994, when I was 10 years old we use to live in Mumbai. Manoo uncle was our building watchman and he use to greet everyone moving in and out of the building. He was extremely loyal and protective for all the residents and was completely dedicated towards his duty.
“Good afternoon Manoo bhaiya, Who is she?” asked my mom looking at that little girl who looked similar to my age.
“She is my daughter, Geeta. She has a holiday in school today and was insisting to see me on duty. She is very fascinated by my stories and says its her dream to become like me as she also wants to protect and keep people safe when she grows up.”
My mom gave her a warm smile and told her, “All the best beta. I wish you achieve your dreams.”
She said aunty I will also become a watchman when I grow up. I started laughing at her and told her girls can’t be watch’man’. I had never heard or seen a watchlady. 
She smiled at me and said that she will definitely be and her Squad name will be MG10. She seemed quite passionate about it. My mom asked her if she would like to come home and play with me. She nodded in yes and we played and enjoyed a lot together.
Couple of years down the line, we shifted out of Bombay as dad took up a job in Bangalore.
Few years later I moved to US for my higher studies. 
I got my first job as a trainee in a big international company and I cane down to India and I had to attend a seminar in a 5 star hotel in Mumbai.
Mumbai looked completely changed in so many years. As I entered the hotel to check in, i saw many guards at the entrance and a separate queue for security checking for women. I noted the uniforms of the entire team of lady guards had a logo named MG10.

It sounded very familiar to me but I couldn’t recollect where I had heard it. But it was bothering me. It was the last day of the seminar and after a 3 day stay there it was time to check out and I had a flight to Bangalore.
I over heard a security guard saying Geeta ma’am is personally going to take the training for them on behavioral aspects, fitness, exercise, first aid, evacuation process n so on. I stopped right there and requested if I could meet their Geeta ma’am.
I still wasn’t able to recollect and confirm completely but my heart said it was the same Geeta, Manoo uncle’s daughter.
They arranged a meeting for me and we both stared each other for a minute and without any conversation hugged each other.
“Geeta!! you achieved your dreams girl. I am so proud of you.” I told her flashing a huge smile.
She was so happy to see me and narrated all the hard work it took for her to get till here. It was only after the terrorist attacks which shook the nation, the need for women security guards were realised. She had tried hard to break the gender stereotype and fit in for what she had always dreamt about. And there she was with her Squad MG10. Today, 40% of lady security guards from all around India are assigned from her company MG10. Her path is difficult and her life is always at stake and in risk in this profession, but this is where her heart lies.

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