Sep 122021

Lady Guard MG10 #kbcpinkooshergill

She said aunty I will also become a watchman when I grow up. I started laughing at her and told her girls can’t be watch’man’. I had never heard or seen a watchlady.

Jun 192021

I saw a big, beautiful, red and golden sleigh waiting for us! “Welcome aboard” said the reindeer who would pull the sleigh. Hridaan and I were staring at the sleigh and the reindeer with our eyes and mouth wide open. “He’s Rudolph!” Shouted Hridaan in excitement. “Yes, hop in now, get on the sleigh.” Replied Rudolph. My dad carried me and Hridaan one after the other and put us in the sleigh, then he climbed aboard. The sleigh took off. It was unbelievable. As it flew upwards, the air became cooler. The reindeer gave us hot chocolate milk and ginger cookies to keep us warm.