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Father’s Day On The Magical Sleigh                                      #kbcADayWithDaddy #MyshaAndPapa
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I am submitting this story on behalh of Mysha. She has written it for #kbcADayWithDaddy contest.

Father’s Day On The Magical Sleigh

“Happy Father’s Day!” Hridaan and I shouted on top of our voice. We were super excited as we handed over our handmade cards to dad. He hugged us and said, “Thank you for the lovely cards.” As planned, like every year, dad would take us for the movie, to our favourite toy store and then mama would join us for dinner. My brother and I were really excited!

Hridaan had his football class and we planned to leave after an hour once he would be back home. Mama went to drop him and my dad decided to catch up on some office calls in the meantime. I went in my room and started reading my favourite book. After a while I realised an hour had passed and my eyes felt a bit heavy. Soon my dad and brother walked into the room and they were ready to go. “C’mon let’s go.” said my dad.

I quickly got up and we left. As we reached downstairs, I saw a big, beautiful, red and golden sleigh waiting for us! “Welcome aboard” said the reindeer who would pull the sleigh. Hridaan and I were staring at the sleigh and the reindeer with our eyes and mouth wide open. “He’s Rudolph!” Shouted Hridaan in excitement. “Yes, hop in now, get on the sleigh.” Replied Rudolph. My dad carried me and Hridaan one after the other and put us in the sleigh, then he climbed aboard. The sleigh took off. It was unbelievable. As it flew upwards, the air became cooler. The reindeer gave us hot chocolate milk and ginger cookies to keep us warm.

Soon the sleigh crossed a huge gate and it slowly descended down. As we got off the sleigh, my dad shouted “Surprise!” We spotted the sign board – Santa’s Village. It was a beautiful place decorated with fairy lights. There were huge candy canes and gingerbread houses. There was snow everywhere and the sparkling snowflakes were falling from the sky. Hridaan and I were jumping with joy. We also met Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, elves and the reindeers!  We couldn’t believe our eyes. Our dad had booked a special Father’s Day tour!!

We walked into a beautiful workshop. It was decorated with wreaths, bells, candles, ribbons and lights everywhere. In between stood a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with a shiny star on top. We went across various rooms which had piles of books, packed boxes, candies, wrapping papers, bows, ribbons and toys everywhere. We were amazed to see this wonderful world. We bought many gifts, the best of books and lots of toys! Our hands were full of shopping bags.

Later, as it was time to go, we thanked everyone and bid good bye to them. This time, Comet, the reindeer hopped on the sleigh and we took off.  On the way, the cool breeze fell on my face and I fell asleep. I could hear Hridaan saying, “wake up, wake up!” but I didn’t want to wake up as I was feeling cosy and comfortable. But my naughty brother shouted in my ears “WAKE UP!!!” I woke up with a jolt and looked around.

I was on my bed with a book in the hand. “Wake up, let’s go!” said my dad.

 “To Santa’s workshop!?” I asked him.

“What are you talking about?” asked my dad.

 “Let’s go! What are you waiting for, Christmas?!” said Hridaan impatiently.

“Yes, Christmas in Santa’s village.” I said dreamily.

 “Whattt!” said Hridaan, puzzled.

I realised I had fallen asleep while reading my book. I told them about my dream and they couldn’t stop laughing.

I quickly got ready and we left. I couldn’t stop thinking about my dream and I kept smiling to myself.

We went to see a movie and then to our favourite toy store. We picked up lots of books and toys. We then picked up our mother and decided to go to dad’s favourite restaurant for dinner.

We had a lovely time together. It was the best day ever.   

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