Jun 192021
A Day Out With T-Rex & Papa! #kbcADayWithDaddy #SharavAndPapa
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I’m posting this story on behalf of my 7 year old son, Sharav. This is his idea of a fun & interesting day with Papa.

When will your meeting end? How many more trainings? Is this the last call of the day? Arghh, I feel, Papa is the busiest person in the whole wide world. He seems to be on calls for forever, even my school has a timetable but his office doesn’t seem to follow any timetable. You know what, one day I even tried to listen what his calls were all about.

Initially, I was happy to know that Papa would be working from home, which meant we could play anytime of the day. But, it turned out to be opposite, I wait and wait and wait but his work is a never ending affair. By the way, let me tell you, the time spent with Papa is the best part of my day. We play the silliest of games and do a lot of fighting (actually, we call it dangal ;)) together with mom’s dos and don’ts playing like a background score.

It was a usual day, morning office and school time for both of us respectively. When I got free from my online school, I was hoping that Papa would be a little free to play with me. “One last call, baby”, said Papa. By now I clearly knew what that meant. I retired to my book friends after finding him still busy with work. While I was reading my encyclopaedia on dinosaurs, I thought what a fun day it would be if Papa could spend the whole day just playing with me. My eyes twinkled and my heart raced as I went onto dream about our PERFECT DAY OUT!

My Perfect Day Out!

On a bright sunny morning, while I’m still in bed, Papa is calling me hysterically. ‘Cheeku (yeah! that’s my nickname) get up I have a surprise for you’. ‘What is it, Papa?’ I ask with my half opened eyes and my brain still sleeping. He carries me to another room, suddenly my jaws dropped and eyes popped out and I couldn’t believe Papa got me, MY VERY OWN DINO
(a T-Rex, it was) PET. He had planned a day out with just three of us – Papa, dino pet & me.

Should I be jumping? Or running? Or checking the baby T- Rex out? I was thrilled beyond measure. We quickly freshened up and had our breakfast. Papa was taking us out for a day picnic. He asked me to pack some food and games for the day. I packed chips, cookies, frooty for us but wait, would the T-Rex eat that? Never mind, it’s just a baby! Papa made it loud and clear, ‘I know nothing about dinosaurs, so it’s YOU, who will have to take care of the T-Rex’.

We were all set to go. Wait, Papa! My T-Rex is not yet ready; I need to dress him up but how? We had a brilliant idea; we made the T-Rex wear Papa’s shirt, not 1, 2 or 3 but 30. Next task that got us all sweaty was accommodating the T-Rex in the car. We somehow managed to fit him in the trunk.

As we drove ahead for our perfect day out, a thought crossed our minds. We asked each other at the same time, ‘where should we go?’ Mall – no, gaming zone – no, someone’s place – NO, we said in unison. We zeroed in for a park.

Finally, it was time for some unlimited fun. The baby T-Rex cooed as it came out of the car trunk, I knew how happy it must be feeling. Papa helped me to get onto the dinosaur’s back for a ride, and then we played ‘dino in the middle’ & ‘dino hide-and-seek’.

Then, papa got ice-creams for both T-Rex and me. I guess it was a fantastic idea to cool the T-Rex and calm its hungry tummy down or else… we stomped, chomped, and roared. It was a perfect day spent with two of my favourites – Papa & Dino, though keeping the dino T-Rex cool and calm was quite a task. Nothing in the world could bring so much of happiness to me!

T-Rex T-Rex, let us just relax

My backpack is full of yummy yummy snacks

It’s time to unwind and jump on the tracks

But remember not to cause any cracks

What a perfect day it is for Papa, You & Me!

After a day filled with fun, food and laughter, it was time to head back home. The moment we entered home, mommy fired a series of questions at a lightening speed towards us. Papa somehow managed the whole situation and introduced mommy to our giant pet dino. Before mommy could react, the baby dino lovingly nudged her.

When the reality struck, I thought there couldn’t be anything better. This was all I needed for my perfect day out with Papa. Though it would better to be a palaeontologist and discover a fossil, as keeping a dinosaur pet was quite a tiresome task.

Until then keep roaring, keep reading and yes, happy father’s day everyone!!

Papa & Me ( T-Rex is missing though ;))

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