Jun 192021

These were the thoughts my two lovely daughters were struggling with... They were juggling between the two choices... whether to go without Mamma a day before or to wait for Mamma’s important presentation….

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I’m posting this story on behalf of Mansvi, my husband, for the #kbcADayWithDaddy contest.

“Mamma has important an presentation..
Vacation is starting…
Aaji and Aaba (grandparents) are waiting…
Don’t want to go to Nagpur without Mamma…”

These were the thoughts my two lovely daughters were struggling with… They were juggling between the two choices… whether to go without Mamma a day before or to wait for Mamma’s important presentation….

I finally cajoled them to travel with me a day before and I was anxious and as nervous as those two beautiful souls were. Finally, the day came and we set out with our packed bags towards the airport.

It did not start very well since in cab we got notification that our flight is delayed by an hour. The delay increased by another two hours. All was good, we were busy in our normal airport routine, relaxed, read books, explored the shops around and also discussed a bit about the sanctuary we were going to visit (Tadoba).

The situation worsened when we were informed that the plane had to land in Chennai for fuel-fill and would be delayed even more by two hours. I got agitated, had few difficult talks with the flight personnel and then saw the look on my daughters’ faces. I felt perplexed, I was angry, frustrated but did not want those emotions to flow into my kids’ minds too. That’s when I came up with an idea… SPIN A STORY. Here’s how it goes …

“Tukki was a lazy, arrogant and a non-punctual aeroplane. Everyone around it was troubled by its behaviour, Tukki was read books on behaviour, it was sent to trainings and counselling. But nothing could mend it. Finally, the authorities thought to inject it with a magic medicine that would make it a well-behaved aeroplane. Tukki learnt about it and climbed to the Himalayas to escape. With lot of hiccups, finally the medicine was administered. As a natural twist, since the medicine was tested the first time, Tukki was given an overdose. It became superfast and instead of landing in Bangalore it went straight to Chennai and started dancing on its rear wheels (My elder one started dancing at the airport to show her imagination).  But people in Bangalore were waiting for Tukki, so it stopped dancing and finally made it Bangalore airport. Although late, Tukki was happy that it can now take people to their destinations.” (Obviously, I was not able to replicate the fun and echoing laughs through airport waiting rooms)

After narrating this story something changed within me too, I realized a man can switch between emotions if one wishes to. I got illuminated with the simple thought that I had, and will keep learning with my kids along the way. We boarded the plane, my kids pretended to be angry with Tukki when they sat on their seats  and we completed our tiring yet memorable and enlightening journey and reached my second house (in-laws place) where parents eagerly greeted us. We totally forgot about the delay and at the same time made this day a wonderful memory with my kids.

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