Apr 052021
The Language of Love #kbcPetUntrouble
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This Myna story is my entry for the #kbcPetUntrouble Contest.

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment to animals.” – Immanuel Kant

I come from an animal lover family. My paternal grandfather, my father, my husband and now my son are excellent caregivers in terms of providing food, water and shelter to the animals and in return they receive love, affection and companionship from them.

My husband is a cynophilist, and he can’t stop himself loving them whether they are pet or stray dogs. On the other hand, my son is a true reflection of my father who loves all types of animals, whether they are pet or wild. From cows to fishes, from squirrels to snakes, from monkeys to tortoises, from dogs to birds, he has fed them all.

Here I am going to write about that bird (Myna) who took everyone’s heart ❤️ and she became my father’s true friend at office.

It all started when my father got promoted and transferred to a new department at Secretariat Jaipur. The office was at 5th floor, and one summer afternoon (Rajasthan you see 🌡️) he saw a common Myna sitting outside his office window. He thought she must be thirsty and he simply kept his bottle’s cap (with water in it), outside the window. Initially she flew away but she came back and drank. This kept on for some days till Papa offered her biscuits and she ate them too, but because there was very narrow space outside that window Papa had to keep the biscuits inside and to his surprise she came in and took them!

It build a trust bond between these two and one day she came and started tapping on the glass with her beak and as soon as Papa opened the window she flew in and sat on Papa’s desk. She kept on chirping till Papa opened his drawer and got her favourite Britannia Good Day biscuits out (Papa tried all other biscuits, but she didn’t like them much), then he crushed them so that she could eat easily. To everyone’s surprise she sat on Papa’s palm, filled her beak and flew away.

The Myna!

This whole ritual started happening two times a day and for at least 3 years till my father got retired. Now his colleagues are taking care of birds coming to that window. Nobody can forget that Myna and we still cherish the memories by looking at the videos and pictures taken during that time along with a beautiful morning and evening view near our bird feeder kept at home.

Memories 🥰

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